What is Eggbun Education?

We are an Edtech startup. We have built a chatbot that teaches languages, to help beginners reach conversational fluency. We received initial funding from the most reputable Korean investor groups: Primer, Sazze Partners, Strong Ventures.

Our Mission

We’re a small team working to make every beginner-level language learner ‘conversational.’ Currently, Eggbun Education focuses on three core tasks in order to realize our mission.


1. Building a pocket-sized automated tutor.

2. Helping users form study habits.

3. Helping users internalize their studies

How is the Eggbun Team like?

We are dedicated to our work, but we also enjoy flexible working time schedule. We are a product-based startup that thinks over and over about how to deliver the best value to our customers by making awesome educational products.

We use these tools to make our product better:

Project Management:

Slack/Trello/Google Docs

Data Analysis :

Treasure Data/Mixpanel /Google Analytics

Digital Marketing :


Development(Tools and programming languages) :

Git/AWS/PHP/Angular JS/Python /Java/Swift

Currently we are participating into the Distro Dojo Program in Malaysia, 500 startup’s growth hacking program.
Our participation will continue until December 2016.
After the program, we will decide whether to go to Europe or back to Korea.
Love traveling? It’s the best time to join Eggbun : )

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